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Michigan Nurses Association Conduct and Utilization of Research in Nursing Award

To provide funding for research to members of the Michigan Nurses Association.

Amount Awarded: $2000

Number Awarded: 1 or more every other year.

Duration: 1 year.

Deadline: June of each odd-numbered year.

Eligibility: The principle investigator for the research project must be an RN who is licensed to practice in Michigan, is a Michigan resident, is a member of the association, and has earned or is working on a master's or doctoral degree. Proposals for clinical nursing studies that have direct impact on patient care receive priority. Multidisciplinary studies with a nursing focus will be considered. Applications requesting budgets totaling more than $2,000 will not be reviewed.

Contact Information:
Michigan Nurses Association
2310 Jolly Oak Road
Okernos, MI 48864
Fax: 517/349-5818