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Excellence of Scholarship and Consistency of Contribution to the Oncology Nursing Literature Award

To recognize and reward individuals who have consistently made contributions to the oncology nursing literature.

Amount Awarded: $4000

Number Awarded: 1 each year.

Duration: Annually.

Deadline: August of each year.

Eligibility: The candidate must be an RN and member of ONS who meets all of the following criteria: has at least 5 years of experience in oncology nursing and 5 years of membership in ONS; demonstrates longevity and consistency of oncology-related professional communications; demonstrates breadth of professional writing; demonstrates appropriate depth of written material; demonstrates evidence of mentorship for colleagues engaged in writing professional materials; and writes materials that are used and cited by other authors.

Contact Information:
Oncology Nursing Press, Inc.
501 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Fax: 412/921-6565