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Banner Health

Based in Phoenix, Banner Health is one of the largest, nonprofit health
care systems in the country. Banner has 20 hospitals and other
facilities that offer an array of services including hospital care, home
care, hospice care, nursing registries, surgery centers, laboratories,
rehabilitation services. These facilities are located in seven states -
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming.

In addition to basic emergency and medical services, you'll find Banner
Health medical centers house a variety of specialized services,
including heart care, cancer treatment, delivery of high-order multiple
births, organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, rehabilitation
services, and behavioral health services.

Banner Health is also involved in cutting-edge research aimed at helping
patients suffering from some of the most serious diseases and
conditions, including spinal cord injuries and Alzheimer's disease.

Banner Health employs about 25,000 employees, also making it one of the
country's largest employers. The company's Arizona Region alone, employs
nearly 17,000 people.

Peter S. Fine serves as the company's president and CEO, a position he
has held since November 2000. Mr. Fine reports to a 15-member board of
directors chaired by Thomas F. Madison.